Understanding VBAC in Hoffman Estates, IL

VBAC--it means Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section.  At Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare, Drs. Duboe, Gerber, Seruya and Nandam educate women about the VBAC option and what may qualify them for it.

Once a C-section...

The long-held view on giving birth after a C-section was "Once a C-section...always a C-section."  Now, however, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now says a routine vaginal birth can be a good option for most women who have undergone Caesarean Section, 60 to 80 percent of them, in fact.

Risks associated with VBAC

There are few risks associated with VBAC.  The most worrisome is a uterine rupture, but as experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center report, uterine rupture is a rare complication.  The professional team at Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare carefully monitor our potential VBAC patients throughout their pregnancies to optimize the delivery options and avoid worrisome complications.

Our physicians recommend prospective VBAC moms

  • Maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancies
  • Discuss the desire for a VBAC early on in the pregnancy
  • Understand that the choice could change depending on maternal and fetal health as the delivery date approaches or as labor progresses

Are you a good candidate for VBAC?

These factors increase a woman's chances for a successful vaginal birth after Caesarian Section:

  • Age under 35
  • Previous successful vaginal births
  • Previous C-section due to fetal position or heart rate issues during delivery, not to internal structural issues or maternal health complications
  • C-section incision was low at the bikini line
  • A labor process not induced or augmented by Pitocin to start or regularize contractions

Your obstetrician will carefully review your medical and obstetrical history before recommending VBAC.  He or she will be honest about the possible risks to you.  Also, as the patient, you must understand that as your labor progresses your options may narrow, and a C-section could become necessary.

If you have questions...

The doctors at Northwest Associates will discuss your VBAC option with you and answer any questions you may have.  They join with you in the goal of having the best possible labor and delivery experience resulting in a healthy baby.

Are you interested in learning more about VBAC? Call Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare in Hoffman Estates, IL at  (847) 884-1800 to learn more!

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