What Is VBAC?

At Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare, our team of providers is ready to talk to you about the benefits of a VBAC in Hoffman Estates, IL. If you have already had a C-section in a previous birth, you don't have to have a Caesarean section for every child you give birth to. It is possible to have a VBAC, or Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section if you qualify for it. Pregnant women who have had a previous successful vaginal birth, those under 35, and those who have had a normal labor progression without medication are generally good candidates for a VBAC.

How to Have a Healthy VBAC

During your pregnancy, it is useful to discuss your need for a VBAC early on in the pregnancy. The biggest concern with a VBAC is the potential for a uterine rupture, but this is considered a rare complication of a VBAC. If you maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy, and you discuss your desire for a VBAC with your provider, you should be able to have your baby naturally. You will talk about your options with one of our providers, once your medical history has been reviewed. 

Should You Have a VBAC?

If you have had a previous pregnancy that was a vaginal birth, you are under 35, or you did not have internal structural issues that prevented a vaginal birth, a VBAC is an excellent option. If you were able to produce regular contractions without the use of Pitocin, and your C-section scar is below the bikini line, you are also considered a good candidate for a VBAC. Understand that during your delivery process, there may come a time when you have to change from a VBAC to a C-section if you or the baby is in distress.

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