When To Visit an OBGYN

An OBGYN is an expert in women's health. Annual routine visits to your OBGYN can help safeguard your reproductive health. Your OBGYN can tell you more.

What You Need To Know About an OBGYN

An OBGYN doctor can help with women’s health issues throughout their life's stages. So, when should you visit an OBGYN? You should visit an OBGYN at least once each year for a routine examination. During a routine examination, your OBGYN will:

  • Perform a breast examination to check for lumps and other abnormalities in your breasts
  • Order a mammogram or other imaging studies to screen for any abnormalities in your breasts
  • Perform a comprehensive gynecological examination to assess your reproductive health
  • Perform a pap smear to aid in early detection of cervical cancer

You should also visit your OBGYN if you are experiencing:

  • A yellow, green, or grey discharge from your vagina
  • Frequent abdominal pain or pelvic cramping
  • Breast tenderness that doesn’t go away

If you are a teen who is menstruating, you should visit an OBGYN for:

  • Advice on types of birth control
  • Regulating periods if they are irregular, late, or heavy
  • Treatment of severe cramping or severe bleeding associated with menstruation

If you are a woman who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should visit an OBGYN for:

  • A pregnancy examination
  • A discussion about hospital stay, anesthesia, birth, and other concerns related to pregnancy
  • Advice on fertility issues and fertility treatment

If you are an older woman who is premenopausal or menopausal, you should visit an OBGYN for:

  • Symptom relief associated with menopause, including hot flashes, mood swings, cold sweats, and weight gain
  • Treatment of brittle bones caused by osteoporosis, one of the consequences of menopause
  • Hormone replacement therapy to balance your hormones

Want To Know More?

Your OBGYN is an expert in women’s health and can help you stay healthy. To learn when to visit an OBGYN and how your OBGYN can help you, talk with your OBGYN today.

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