Pregnancy Milestones to Look Forward To
By Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare LLC
April 22, 2020
Category: OBGYN
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Here are some of the milestones that expectant mothers will experience over the coming months.

Every pregnancy is unique and different, and our Hoffman Estates, IL, OBGYNs provide tailored care and treatment throughout each week and milestone of your pregnancy. Here are some of the exciting milestones to expect when you’re expecting:

Your First Prenatal Checkup

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with our Hoffman Estates, IL, obstetrician to confirm the pregnancy. This first appointment will typically fall between 6-9 weeks. The first checkup is a memorable one because this is usually when you receive your first ultrasound. You may even get to hear your baby’s heartbeat (around 6-7 weeks).

Saying Goodbye to the First Trimester

The end of the first trimester has a couple of wonderful benefits. For one, morning sickness and the extreme exhaustion you may have felt during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy may ease up during the second trimester. The end of the first trimester is also the time that most expectant couples begin to tell friends and family the exciting news.

Baby’s First Kick

A baby’s first movements are known as quickening. This usually occurs during the second trimester, typically between 16 to 25 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, it’s normal not to feel movements until closer to 25 weeks, while women who’ve been pregnant before may experience movement even earlier than the standard 16 weeks.

“Surprise! It’s a….”

Approximately halfway through your pregnancy, your OBGYN can tell you whether you are having a boy or girl. While some couples chose to wait until their baby’s arrival, you may choose to find out while you’re still pregnant.

Your Due Date

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: your due date. Now your baby can make their appearance at any time (and we know you’re probably ready to meet them already!); however, don’t be surprised if your little one doesn’t show up exactly on time!

Labor & Delivery

Childbirth is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, experiences that a woman can go through. You can work with our OBGYN to create a birth plan that fits your personal goals and needs. But all the effort and pain will go away the moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. Congratulations!

We are Here For You

We know that these are unprecedented times with the coronavirus pandemic; however, we want our patients to know that our Hoffman Estates team is still providing pregnancy and obstetric care to our patients, as well as offering emergency gynecological services. Please don’t hesitate to call Northwest Associates for Women's Healthcare at (847) 884-1800 with any questions or concerns you may have.